Please read TOS, FAQ carefully before buying socks5 at our service!. We only use domain DICHVUSOCKS.US, DICHVUSOCKS.NET other domains are scam


Last modified: 01.19.2023

1. I paid via BTC/LTC/DASH/ETH but my account is not activated yet?

- We do not activate immediately after you have paid , we only activate upon first confirmation. Depending on the fee you send to the blockchain network, the priority is fast or slow. About 2 hour on average.After having 1 confirmation, please go to PROFILE to check your account.In addition, the cases of missing money will not be activated automatic. You can check the actual amount you deposited here. Please do not contact support without any confirmation. We will ignore messages like this.

2. Why is socks5 not working?

- You should first check if the configuration is correct or not. The protocol we use are SOCKS5. if it correct but still not working please reboot your network and don't use any vpn . another cause could be some software on your computer that conflicts with socks5. Find that software and remove it.

3. Why socks5 run slow?

= >We do not guarantee speed for every SOCKS5. If socks5 work slow , please change socks5.

4. I only need a specific country isp or city? Is the service provided?

- No .Our service only updates random socks5. Any specific requests coutry or city zipcode isp are ignored.

5. Does the service support refunds ?

- No. Our service don't offer refund.

6. Why is DNS leaking?

- If you have enabled the "remote DNS" feature on firefox or proxifier and still leak DNS. Please change other socks5. DNS leak is very normal by computers that always use different DNS for example

7. IP is always refreshed every day?

- No. We do not guarantee.

8. Where is the blacklist checking service?

- We trust and use as our testing.

9. Does your service allow sending mail?

- No.We take strong action against spammers or abusers of the service to do illegal things. In case of detection, the account will be permanently suspended.

10. I want to use socks5 for marketing? Is the service guaranteed?

- No. We make no warranties for any use survey , posting or etc ...

11.I need socks5 with username:password authentication. Is the service provided?

- No. We only provide basic socks5 including IP:PORT.

12. Do you have tools client?

- Yes However only support at a basic level and sometimes does not work. If you only need tools client, find a more professional service. We also have a web version that uses manual socks 5

13. I need socks5 can online 24/24 and can renew service provided?

- No. Our Socks5 can dead very quickly in a few minutes or dead in a few hours. When socks5 dead please change other

14. When I need to contact via Skype/Email/ICQ, what should I prepare?

- If about payment problems, please provide full payment information, proof of payment. If the information is complete, we will process it faster. Other issues you should clearly state Please don't say Hi , hello , need help. call our or do not provide all the information we ask for or something like that we will ignore blocked it.

15. Can the service be used to checker?

- No. We do not accept Socks5 for use checker or using socks5 automated tools. The system will quickly detect and banned the Ip forever.

16. Can I become a service partner to resell socks5?

- No. Any resale is strictly prohibited and leads to account lockout without refunds.

17. Why the service has so few socks5 USA?

- We are just a cheap service, the number of socks5 updates is limited.

18. Does the service provide bulk socks5?

- No. Our service don't offer.

18.Does the service provide an API or txt download full list ?

- No. Our service don't offer.

19. Why does the service have so many socks5 blacklists?

- We only provide random socks5 and not selective input .you can use the fiiter feature on the web to filter.

20. Does the service provide socks5 residential ip and mobile?

- Yes but limited quantity.

21. What is the difference between daily plan and credit plan?

- Basically these two packages are almost equivalent. If you use it every day, you should buy a daily plan.As for the credit plan, it is only used for customers with low usage demand. You can buy this package to save cost.

22. Why is the number of socks5 usa , au,uk so small?

- Because we just randomly supply different types of sock5 spread across different countries.

23. Do you provide sharing or private service?

- Our provide sharing service for all users.

24. Does the service allow multiple users to use the same account?

- No. we only allow a single login session on web and tools client.

25. Do you offer trail plans?

- No. We only sell trail plan for 1 usd . You can see the price list on the homepage.

26. Why is my account saying "You are limited" ?

- Because you have used up your limit for today . For example, if you buy a pack of 50 socks5, you can only use up to 50 socks5 in a day. You can click PROFILE to check your account details. Our time server is GMT +7 . You can wait until 00:OO AM account will be refreshed.

27. Why socks5 leak proxy ?

- Every website when you check ip quality has a different test method. Proxy leaks are usually due to open port detection. This often happens on computers with open ports like 22,80,3389 . You can choose other socks5 to avoid this. We don't filter the input so this is understandable given the cheap service.

28. Why is anonymity always at a low level of about 50 to 90%?

- You should check out webrtc , timezone . In addition, we recommend that you use software such as gologin for the highest efficiency.

29. Where can I check the IP address of socks5?

- You can check at or DB maxmind we use are paid and used by almost every website.We disclaim the comparison between maxmind and other ip testing sites.

30. What should I do when my email is hacked or I don't remember my email and can't access my account normally?

- You need to provide a history of the last transaction you paid to us. We will then verify and re-issue a new password when confirming the information you provide is correct. In case we cannot provide the information we request, we cannot process and will ignore these messages.

31. I have paypal , can I pay at the service ??

- No . We only accept payment via Perfectmoney ( PM ) , Wmtransfer ( WMZ ) , Bitcoin ( BTC ) , Litecoin ( LTC ) , Ethereum ( ETH ) , Dash .
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