"Please carefully read our TOS, FAQ before purchasing SOCKS5 proxies from our service!."


Last modified: 01.19.2023

1. I paid via BTC/LTC/DASH/TRC20/BCH but my account is not activated yet?

We don't activate accounts immediately upon receiving payment, as we wait for the first confirmation from the blockchain network. The time required for confirmation depends on the fee you paid, with higher fees given priority. On average, this process takes about 2 hours or more. Once your payment receives one confirmation, you can check your account status in your personal profile. All transactions are processed automatically, so if you contact us before any confirmations, we will ignore all messages. If there are any payment-related issues, such as missing funds, we will manually address them within 24 hours of receiving the actual deposited amount. You can check the actual amount of BTC, LTC, DASH,BCH , TRC20 you deposited. Please refrain from contacting support until you have received confirmation of your account activation status, as we will ignore messages requesting activation without confirmation.

2. Why is socks5 not working?

- You should first check if the configuration is correct or not. The protocol we use is SOCKS5. If it is correct but still not working, please try rebooting your network and ensure that you are not using any VPN. Another cause of the issue could be some software on your computer that conflicts with SOCKS5. You can try finding that software and removing it.

3. Why socks5 run slow?

- We do not guarantee the speed of every SOCKS5, but we recommend selecting a speed as low as possible, such as 0.11 or 0.12. If your SOCKS5 connection is still slow, please try using a different SOCKS5.

4. I only need a specific country isp or city? Is the service provided?

- No, our service only provides random SOCKS5 proxies. We do not fulfill specific requests for proxies based on country, city, zipcode, or ISP

5. Does the service support refunds ?

- No. Our service don't offer refund.

6. Why is DNS leaking?

- If you have enabled the 'remote DNS' feature on Firefox or Proxifier and are still experiencing DNS leaks, please try using a different SOCKS5 proxy. DNS leaks can be caused by computers that always use different DNS servers, such as

7. IP is always refreshed every day?

- No. We do not guarantee.

8. Where is the blacklist checking service?

- We trust and use spamhaus.org as our testing.

9. Does your service allow sending mail?

- No, we do not tolerate any illegal or abusive activities on our service. If we detect any such activity, we will take strong action against the account, which may include permanent suspension.

10. I want to use socks5 for marketing? Is the service guaranteed?

- We make no warranties for any use, such as surveys, dating, posting, etc. This means that the service does not guarantee any specific results or outcomes for activities such as taking surveys, using the service for dating purposes, or posting content online.

11.I need socks5 with username:password authentication. Is the service provided?

- No. We only provide basic socks5 including IP:PORT.

12. Do you have tools client?

- Yes. However, we only provide basic level support for tools like clients, and sometimes it may not work properly. If you require more professional services, we suggest finding a different service. Additionally, we also offer a web version that uses manual SOCKS5

13. I need socks5 can online 24/24 and can renew service provided?

- No. Our SOCKS5 proxies can become inactive very quickly, in just a few minutes, or they may last a few hours. When a SOCKS5 proxy becomes inactive, please switch to another one.

14. When I need to contact via Skype/Email/ICQ, what should I prepare?

- If you are facing payment issues, please provide us with complete payment information and proof of payment. For password-related matters, please provide detailed information about your last payment through an image, and we will verify and assist you in changing your password. For other concerns, please clearly state your concerns. Please do not simply say "Hi" or "Hello" , "Need Help" or disregard any information verification requests from our support team, as we may overlook or block such messages. The decisions of the support team are final in all cases.

15. Can the service be used to checker?

- No, we do not allow the use of our SOCKS5 proxies for checking or using automated tools. Our system can quickly detect such usage and will permanently ban the IP.

16. Can I become a service partner to resell socks5?

- No, any resale is strictly prohibited and may result in account suspension without refunds

17. Why the service has so few socks5 USA?

- We are just a cheap service, the number of socks5 updates is limited.

18. Does the service provide bulk socks5?

- No. Our service don't offer.

18.Does the service provide an API or txt download full list ?

- No. Our service don't offer.

19. Why does the service have so many socks5 blacklists?

- We only provide random socks5 and not selective input .you can use the fiiter feature on the web to filter.

20. Does the service provide socks5 residential ip and mobile?

- Yes but limited quantity.

21. What is the difference between daily plan and credit plan?

- Basically these two packages are almost equivalent. If you use it every day, you should consider buying a daily plan (for example pack 50 socks5/ 15 days . which means you can use up to 50 socks5 daily for 15 days).As for the credit plan(for example 50 credits package. which means you can use up to 50 socks5 unlimited time. But that doesn't mean socks5 can live forever. Please read FAQ #13), it is only used for customers with low usage demand. You can buy this package to save cost.

22. Why is the number of socks5 usa , au,uk so small?

- The number of SOCKS5 from certain countries such as the USA, AU, and UK may be small for a few reasons. Firstly, these countries may have stricter regulations and monitoring of internet activities, making it more difficult to find and maintain SOCKS5 servers within those countries. Additionally, these countries may have higher demand for SOCKS5 servers, which can lead to more competition for resources and limited availability. Finally, our service may prioritize providing a diverse range of SOCKS5 servers from different countries rather than focusing solely on a few countries.

23. Do you provide sharing or private service?

- Our provide sharing service for all users.

24. Does the service allow multiple users to use the same account?

- No. we only allow a single login session on web and tools client.

25. Do you offer free trail plans?

- No. We only sell trail plan for 1 usd.

26. Why is my account saying "You are limited" ?

- This message usually appears when you have reached the usage limit for your account. The limit can be on the number of socks5 you can use per day or on the total amount of data you can use. You can check your account details in your profile to see the specific limits for your account.If you have reached your limit, you will need to wait until the limit resets before you can continue using the service. This usually happens at midnight based on the GMT+7 time zone of the server.

27. Why socks5 leak proxy ?

- Additionally, some websites may use more advanced methods to detect proxies, such as checking for HTTP headers commonly used by proxy servers or analyzing the behavior of the network traffic. It's important to note that no proxy service can guarantee 100% anonymity or security, and it's always possible for your real IP address to be exposed in certain situations. Therefore, it's important to use proxies cautiously and not rely solely on them for online privacy and security.

28. Why is anonymity always at a low level of about 50 to 90%?

-It is recommended to disable WebRTC in your browser to prevent IP address leaks. You can do this by typing "about:config" in the address bar and setting "media.peerconnection.enabled" to false.For timezone leaks, it is recommended to use a timezone spoofing tool such as Timezone Changer or Timezone Override.As for using software like GoLogin, it can help improve the efficiency of using SOCKS5 by automating certain tasks and providing additional features such as browser fingerprinting and cookies management. However, it is not required to use our service and is up to personal preference.

29. Where can I check the IP address of socks5?

- MaxMind provides one of the most widely used IP geolocation databases and is considered reliable by many websites. However, it's important to note that IP geolocation is not always 100% accurate and can have limitations, such as not being able to accurately locate a user who is using a VPN or proxy. Other IP testing sites may use different methods and sources for their geolocation data, so results may vary.

30. What should I do when my email is hacked or I don't remember my email and can't access my account normally?

-It sounds like you are requesting a new password for your account. To do so, you need to provide a history of your last transaction to verify your account. Once we confirm the information is correct, we will issue a new password. If we cannot verify the information, we will not be able to process your request.

31. I have paypal , can I pay at the service ?

- No . We only accept payment via Perfectmoney ( PM ) ,WMZ ( Webmoney ), Bitcoin ( BTC ) , Litecoin ( LTC ) , Ethereum ( ETH ) , Dash or USDT TRC20, BSC (BEP20), BCH ( Bitcoin Cash ).

32. Why are socks5 your service bad?

- Our service only provides low-cost service, so it is normal for socks5 to be slow, die fast, leak proxy, leak port, have high anonymizer, high fraudscore/riscscore, too high blacklist and low anonymity score, and sometimes not work or not be able to find the ISP, country, or state you need. You can find more premium services if you require higher quality. With a package of 5 USD, you only pay 0.33 USD for 1 day of use with 50 socks5, and 15 days of the same. This is not enough to provide perfect service at such an extremely low cost. We recommend trying our smallest package for 1 USD (24 hours) to experience the service. The rules are specific and clear, and you can find them in the FAQ

34. I want a custom plan, do you support it?

- No. The packages we provide are fixed and there is no customizationạt

35. Can I use UDP for socks5?

- No. Socks5 works only on TCP protocol.

36. Why did I receive fewer days or a lower package than what I originally purchased?

- This may be because you are paying with BTC/LTC/DASH/ETH/TRC20, and orders with fewer activated days than the original package are all manually reviewed. Please read FAQ #1. We only activate based on the blockchain explorers we receive. The amount you send does not include fees. Only the blockchain explorer is the actual amount we receive in the end. For example, Binance deducts 0.0002 BTC from the amount you send. Different exchanges have different fee schedules and they are not free. Therefore, you should check the exchange's fee schedule and add this fee to the transaction.

37. I purchased a 600 socks5 package, but why did I only receive 200 socks5 in the LIST24H?

- Our system only stores a maximum of 200 live and most recent socks5 proxies in the LIST24H. You need to actively store all the socks5 proxies you have used. We are not responsible for any loss of socks5 proxies from your account.

38. When I deposit more than the required amount by your system, is my account activated or not?

- Certainly, your account will be activated for the chosen package, but the excess amount will not be credited. Therefore, you must proactively contact us through our support channels (preferably via email) to confirm the amount you have deposited and discuss options to extend the validity or switch to other suitable plans. .
  • Skype: dichvusocks
  • Email: support@dichvusocks.us (recommended)
  • ICQ: 678498340